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We offer affordable options for companies to enhance their online presence, based on their marketing objectives

Below are 3 options to choose from

Services - Website

A collection of multiple webpages on a single domain, in which information about the business is linked together


Option 1: RM350 (3 pages, shared domain)

Option 2: RM500 (3 pages) + RM350 yearly (own domain, web hosting)

Option 3: RM650 (3 pages + Sales Page for up to 5 products) + RM350 yearly (own domain, web hosting, payment gateway)

Services - Landing Page
Landing Page

A standalone page that focuses on lead generation by providing info and call to action, with the intention is to later sell products / services to the leads


Option 4: RM100 (1 page with 1 call to action)

Services - Sales Page
Sales Page

A standalone page that focuses on products / services info and testimonials, with the intention is to make sales


Option 5: RM250 (1 page for up to 3 products)

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